same as it ever was. [x]


same as it ever was. [x]

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Yes, it’s totally silly that one year after launching Tumblr, we’re moving the official Tumblr blog off of Wordpress because it was too much work to update.

We want to spotlight all of the neat stuff happening on Tumblr. So today we’re announcing the official Tumblr tumblelog:

There’s a lot we want to do here. In addition to showing off the new features we’re building, we’re dying to brag about everything we see


Question: “Can I bring my LabCorp blood test form to a Quest Diagnostics and have them run the same tests because Quest is in-network and LabCorp is out-of-network with my insurance?”

Answer: “Yes” - Quest customer service phone person

I couldn’t find this answer online, so there you go, Internet.

Airplanes: messages from a bottle

Does anyone else queue up dozens of outbound emails to friends when
they’re on airplanes? It’s a perfect chance to write to people you
don’t talk to regularly.

Sounds better than fat full

Sounds better than fat full

Name things

It makes them real


Last weekend, while visiting San Diego, I passed a place called Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern. From this, I can only infer the following:

  1. Jimmy started a restaurant called Jimmy’s American Tavern
  2. Many people came to it, and started talking about it
  3. When people came to the Jimmy’s they were unsure if it was the Jimmy’s they had heard about
  4. In order to stem confusion, Jimmy renamed his establishment in order to reflect its newfound fame
  5. Everything was much clearer

Otherwise, how else would Jimmy know it was going to become famous?

Gepetto’s Army

Yesterday, I talked about Social Robots at SXSW. It was great sharing this new topic with the audience, and I was flattered by the feedback on the #twitterbots hashtag.

An audio recording of the talk is available on SXSW’s site.

Gepetto’s Army: Creating International Incidents with Twitter Bots